Installing Eco-Friendly, Closed Loop Geothermal Heat Pumps

CW Cook Geothermal in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, drills wells and installs high-quality geothermal heat pumps for homes and buildings. Our company can engineer a closed-loop geothermal system in locations with limited space. We make sure to provide houses and commercial buildings with dependable, energy-saving geothermal systems. Furthermore, our business has more than 25 years of industry experience and is certified by International Ground Source Heat Pump Association™ (IGSHPA). We offer volume pricing for commercial developments and homeowners associations; just contact our polite staff for more details.
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How Closed-Loop Heat Pumps Work

A closed-loop geothermal heat pump circulates water or antifreeze solution through plastic tubing that's buried under the ground. During winter, the fluid collects heat from the earth to carry it through the system and into a house. When summer comes, the system reverses its process to provide it with cool air. This entire process creates hot water in the summer as well as during cold months. People benefit from this feature because it helps cut the cost of their water bills.

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Get Energy

Aside from reducing energy costs whenever you use heating or cooling systems, having a geothermal pump is beneficial to the environment. It doesn't pollute the air and is a highly renewable source of power. Many people choose to use a geothermal system because it can help reduce greenhouse gases.
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