Improving Your Home's Heating and Cooling with Geothermal Power

CW Cook Geothermal in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, revamps home heating systems and installs geothermal  well fields and work with partner companies to install heat pumps. We drill wells to harness geothermal energy, a green power source that can help households cut energy costs. If you want to have a sustainable and affordable heating and cooling system for your home, we're the right company to call. We upgrade existing units and install geothermal heating and cooling for new home constructions and renovations. Or company also servies commercial buildings. Click here to get an overview of the estimated average fuel conversion and energy efficiency of your heating appliances.
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A Reliable, Eco-Friendly Power Source

Compared to solar or wind energy, geothermal power is reliable. You don't have to wait for strong winds or the sun to shine just to gather enough energy for electricity. It's also an environmentally friendly power source, because it doesn't release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Works Well in Every Season

When we drill geothermal wells, we go deep into the earth below the frost line. Temperatures at this level reach 55° F. With a geothermal heat pump installed, your heating and cooling systems don't have to work as hard during summer or winter. The pump creates a balanced system to effectively distribute cool air during the summer, and warm air during the winter. In addition, it provides hot water throughout the summer.

Keeping Your Gardens Intact

Using special equipment, we make sure not to trample gardens and lawns whenever we work. We use small rigs, so we can drill wells even at hard-to-reach areas.
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